We Touch Hidden Stars Between Dreams

“We Touch Hidden Stars Between Dreams” is a portal that invites viewers to step into a infinite reflection of self. Mirrored and iridescent surfaces superimpose this image inside a neon tunnel between dream-state and reality.

Materials: Neon, Dichroic Acrylic, Steel 4 foot diameter


Heartbeat Amplified

Oil on canvas 4 feet by 2.5 feet

I painted this portrait of Carmen Kass while she floated in the phosphorescent waters of Oman. To me "Heartbeat Amplified" visualizes moments of nirvana or transcendence I have experience. This is the moment that is everything, light pouring out of us and energy merging with the universe.


The Space Between Us

Collaboration with Vincent Freebird of Wolf and Bird

Vincent and I met in Oman, the month after my studio burned down. He took my first painting after "The Space Between Us" the fire and wove a visual narrative to describe the sensation of freedom I received through this experience. The "Space Between Us" now hangs in London on the walls of another couple I met while in Oman. <3

Dreams of ice and water

Dreams of fire and darkness

Awakening of sacred light